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Игра Голяма рулетка

Игра - Голяма рулетка | Играна 8628 пъти

Описание на играта This is a finely designed gambling game. The rule of the game is the same with roulette. Use the mouse to bet, and each hit for 5 dolors. Then click the “spin” button and wait for the result. Roulette is a casino and gambling game (Roulette is a French word meaning "small wheel"). A croupier turns a round roulette wheel which has 37 or 38 separately numbered pockets in which a ball must land. The main pockets are numbered from 1 to 36 alternate between red and black, but the pockets are not in numerical order around the wheel, and there are instances of consecutive numbers being the same color. There is also a green pocket numbered 0, and in most roulette wheels in the United States, but not in Europe, there is a second green pocket marked 00. If a player bets on a single number and wins, the payout is 35:1, meaning that for each dollar bet, one wins an additional $35.00. After determining winning wagers and paying them off, casinos commonly leave winning bets on the table. The player is not obliged to leave that bet down, but if removing it should wait until the glass pawn (or other similar marker) has first been removed by the croupier. Other betting options, with lower payoffs, include bets on multiple numbers in various combinations or ranges, on all odd or all even numbers, or by color. Управление Играна:8628 пъти Глас за играта

Рейтинг 7.2/10 (12 гласа)

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sashi - 2010-03-17 16:43:02 obichai me do besaznanie bez tigri shte umra ako si s grug obichai meeeee inache shte umra ako si s drug obichaii mee do besaznanie bydi smen cql jivood.obicham te do besaznanie beibi sashi - 2010-03-17 16:40:06 haresa li vi tazi pesen ako e pishete mi che vi e haresala obi 4ai me do besaznanie taka se kazva pesenta i e malko-promenena i e jestoka!! sashi - 2010-03-17 16:38:12 vinagi shte si moi kakto nikoi drug. Obicham te bydi s men do krai samo smen cql jivod da si gotov. obichai meeeeeee mnogo mnogo celuvai mee rastopime nakarai mee da umra ot shtastie napravo da umraa obicham teee do besyznanie bydi do men sam do men cql jivod cql jivod...... tazi pesen mi e lubima obichaii meeee cql jivod samo smen badi celuvai me lubimi!! jasi - 2010-03-17 16:33:53 tova ime mi e lubimo jasiiiiiiii ani_georgieva_12 - 2010-03-17 16:33:26 tova gore e skype mi a igrata e hubava gore-dolu a mi sega shte potyrsq druga igra po interesna keli - 2010-03-17 16:32:07 hubavae sashi - 2010-03-17 16:31:53 pak na tazi igra sam pyrva superr ikomentara mi e igrata e jestoka!
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